Care 3,5Kg

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This product helps protect the gastric mucosa and neutralize the acid secretions of the stomach, and also from excess water and toxins produced during digestive disorders in the large intestine.
Supports and stabilises the beneficial digestive flora.


  • Gastric disorders :
    • suspicion of gastric ulcers in stressed horses
    • conditions of stress : transport over long distances, periods of intense training, preparation for the sale ring, etc.
    • known presence of gastric ulcers, in compliment to veterinary treatment and a suitable diet.
  • Digestive disorders : diarrhoea


Kaolinite, Bentonite, Lactic ferments obtained from the slow fermentation of wholemeal bread with natural yeast, Bacterial assimilation factors obtained from the lactic fermentation of germinated barley grains, FOS (Fructo-oligo-saccharides), Glutamine & Excipients (Sorbitol, natural green apple flavouring).

Recommendations for use

Distribute with cereals or compound feeds. Mix well into the feed.

1 measure = 35g

Adult Horse (500kg) Daily dose (measures/day) Recommendation duration of treatment
Gastric disorders 2 - 3 1 month minimum
Diarrhoea 6 - 8 Until the problem is resolved

For ponies, divide the doses by two.

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Care 3,5Kg

Care 3,5Kg

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